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Seagull On Stump With Starfish

Item: 25A-07

Ht.: 17.5"  Width: 14"

Large Piling

(Seagull-Item: 25A-05 Sold Separately)

Item: 25A-20

Ht.3: 9.5"

Seagull On Stump Wings Out

Item: 25A-02

Ht.: 17"  Width: 11"


Seagull On Nest

Item: 25A-01

Ht.: 8"  Width: 12"

Double Seagull On Nest

Item: 25A-14

Ht.: 11.5"  Width: 9"

Jenny Seagull

Item: 25A-08

Ht.: 10"  Width: 12"


Small Swimming Seagull W/O/N

Item: 25A-10

Ht.: 5"  Width: 12"

Carter Seagull

Item: 25A-13

Ht.: 7"  Width: 12"

Swimming Seagull

Item: 25A-09

Ht.: 8"  Width: 14"


Kramer Seagull Wings Out

Item: 25A-12

Ht.: 4"  Width: 15"  Wingspan: 24"

Large Seagull Wings Out

Item: 25A-05

Ht.: 15.5"  Width: 28"

Medium Seagull Wings Out

Item: 25A-04

Ht.: 9.5"  Width: 12"


CM Seagull Wings Out

Item: 25A-06

Ht.: 9.5"  Width: 18"